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Congratulations on being a secured owner of excellent car security system. As the most effective and intelligent car security system,
we provide you with unmatched convenience and guaranteed peace of mind.

  • 1) Arm and Lock
  • Arms the system and lock the doors with one short beep and flash. There is a long beep and subsequently 2 flashes if any of the door / dickey / bonnet is not closed properly.

  • 2) Disarm and Unlock
  • Disarms the system and unlock the doors with two short beeps and two flashes.

  • 3) Silent Arming and Disarming
  • Arm / Disarm the vehicle without beeps.

  • 4) Auto Re-arming & re-locking on disarm
  • The alarm system will re-arm 60 seconds after it has been disarmed unless any door, boot or bonnet is opened or the ignition is switched on. This feature is to avoid accidental disarming of the alarm system. The Auto Re-arming function will be terminated and door lock pulse will be cancelled if any door is opened.

  • 5) Panic Alarm
    Trigger siren and lock all the doors. Press any button on remote
    to stop the siren.

  • 6) Dual end Manual Central Door Locking
    Manually Locking/Unlocking of driver side door or Co-driver side door automatically Locks / Unlocks rest of the doors (Dual MCL)

  • 7) Type of siren on violation of security
    1. Opening of door, bonnet or dickey: 5 minutes continuous siren.
    2. Upon opening the door locks mechanically of driver/co-driver side: 5 minutes continuous siren.
    3. Removal of stereo: Will trigger continuous siren for 5 minutes
    4. Giving Ignition: 2 minutes continuous siren.

  • 8) Autolock on Ignition
    5 seconds after the ignition is turned ON the doors will lock for passive safety and will automatically unlock when the ignition is switched OFF. The system issues a warning signal (long beep)if any of the doors is open when ignition is turned ON and the doors will not lock.

  • 9) To Stop Siren
  • Press any button on remote control to stop the siren. The system re-arms.

  • 10) Stereo Protection
    When system is armed, any attempt to remove the audio system will trigger the siren.

  • 11) Reverse Horn
    With Ignition ON and vehicle in reverse gear position the system will issue warning beeps to alert anyone behind the vehicle. It can be switched ON / OFF with remote control by pressing any button while reverse beeper is ON. If the system is Silent Unlocked the Reverse horn beeps will be off.

  • 12) Anti-Unlock Fighter
    In Armed state the system inhibits the attempt to open the door locks manually. Upon detecting any attempt to mechanically open
    the door-locks, the system force locks the doors immediately and activates an alarm.

  • 13) Hand-brake Reminder
    This feature reminds you if the hand-brake is not released at Ignition turn ON, the system issues 4 audio beeps at Ignition turn ON.

  • 14) Car Finder
    After pressing button ‘3’ on remote control the system should give continuous flashes for 30 sec. to locate the car in parking zone.

  • 15) Door Open Warning
    While during Ignition ON if any Door is opened, the turn indicators will give 10 flashes, upon sensing door close the flashing will immediately stop.

  • 16)Parking Lights / Head Lights ON Reminder
    This feature reminds you if Head Lights / Parking Lights left ON. At remote arm the system issues 2-seconds alarm along with 1 flash on turn signals indicators.

  • 17)Siren triggered indication beep
    After getting rearmed in case of alarm condition if the disarm key on the remote is pressed the system gives a  longbeep. This is an indication of the alarm condition established before pressing disarm, and is used for diagnostics.

  • 18) Child lock
    The ‘Child lock’ function allows you to temporarily exclude Remote button functions. Double beep confirms that the child lock mode activated. The alarm system will return to normal operation and will be indicated by three beeps from the siren.

  • 19) Valet Mode / Garage Function
    The ‘Garage’ function allows you to temporarily exclude passive arming and anti-hi-jack functions. This can be useful when you have to take the car for service interval without having to leave the alarm system remote control. Disarm the system, turn ignition on & open the door, after door open reminder beeps. Press button ‘2’ on remote control for over 3 seconds, single beep confirms that the security functions of the alarm system are OFF (Valet Mode) but the central door locking will continue to function as normal. This mode is called Valet Mode. If button ‘2’ on remote control is pressed again for 3 seconds with ignition switched ON and Door Open, the alarm system will return to normal operation and will be indicated by double beeps from the siren.

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