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One Press Locking & UnlockingOne Press Locking & Unlocking

Only one press of the button on the remote required for locking and unlocking your vehicle.
Ignition ProtectionIgnition Protection

In case of an attempt made to start the engine by a duplicate key then siren will be blown.
Instane RearmingInstant Rearming

After unlocking the vehicle, if you do not enter the vehicle in next 60 seconds, the system relocks the vehicle, sounding a siren and flashing lights.
Panic AlarmPanic Alarm

If you are in your car surrounded by thugs, you can sound an alert siren by using remote buttons.
Stereo protectionStereo protection

In case an attempt is made to remove the stereo system during armed condition, and if stereo protection feature is connected then the system triggers an alarm.
Reverse SirenReverse Siren

When you put the car into the reverse gear, a siren in sounded to alert people behind the vehicle.
Car LocatorCar Locator

In a large parking space, pressing a button on the remote once sounds an alarm for 30 seconds which makes it eiser for you to locate you vehicle.
Open Door warningOpen Door warning

While the car is in motion and if any door is opened the hazard light flashes 10 times and once the door is closed and secured again, the flashes stop immediately. This is very usefull feature particularly when small children are seating in the car.
Child LockChild Lock

Using some key combinations, you can lock the remote buttons, making it safe from children.
Head Light or Parking Light "ON" reminderHead Light or Parking Light "ON" reminder

When vehicles are parked and locked by remote and if either parking light or head light remians "ON" then there will be long beep to indicate that parking / head light is "ON".
Handbrake "ON" ReminderHandbrake "ON" Reminder

In case if hand brake is ON and if ignition is given then the system will give an indication.
Anti - Unlock FighterAnti - Unlock Fighter

In case there is an attempt to open the driver's or co-driver's door by inserting anything like scale or even a duplicate key, the system will lock the door automatically and a siren will be triggered.
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